Department of Zoology

Meaning of Logo of Zoology Department

The background purple colour represents creativity, sympathy, righteous thought and intelligence. Skyblue shield means tranquility, intelligence and self-confidence. Moreover, it represents to protect from all evils. The white colour text ” Meiktila University” written on green colour base represents to produce the outstanding students of Meiktila university to be as bright as the light ray with serenity of mind. Microscope, cell and DNA represents the study of microscopic cell and DNA which carry the genes concerned with the concept of Zoology in detail and furthermore, the study from unicellular organism to multi-cellular organisms according to evolutionary concept. Sea horse represents that the teachers, on behalf of their parents, teach, look after and guide the students, who are going to stand on themselves, to be able to rely on themselves, to possess carefree lives without any difficulty and problem as the sea horse moves up and down with the upright body in the sea and male sea horse nurses the children in their pouch on behalf of female sea horse.

Vision and Mission


Our department wishes to balance teaching and research activities, the two nourishing each other, and to upgrade the technological assessment on teaching, learning and research capacity of staff and students.


  • To create an attractive department where students want to come and study
  • To establish conductive atmosphere for the students who learn advance in Zoology and its associated technology
  • To respect nature and concern for ethical benefits among students through proficient and scientific educational practices

To set up human resource development concerned with specialization