Department of Philosophy

Explanation for Logo

  1. Logo of Philosophy department includes two symbols which argue eastern philosophies and western philosophies.
  2. Symbol of human head represents speculation of human being in terms of western philosophies. The meaning of using white colour for the brain means that there is lack of religious fanatic, gang fanatic and apartheid.
  3. Symbol of lotus is figuratively used to show equity and justice, strength and reaching the top of profession. The lake is embellished with charming colour and lovely smell of lotus. This means that in earthly paradise, those who are sober make the sorry state of environment peaceable and pretty sight.

ViSion and Mission


-To strength commit to students’ success

-To broadly recognize for excellence in teaching and community service.


 -To encourage students to approach education as a life-long learning process and after that contribute to the society

-To emphasize the necessity for all our students to learn critical thinking skills, to read well, to write well and to recognize the importance of reflecting on their ideas and values

-To foster situations in which students have opportunities to apply these invaluable skills with both historically –oriented and case-based learning techniques and with continual discussion of real-word implications -To strongly support diversity in curriculum and education and to extend that commitment to activities outside the classroom, supporting student engagement across campus and explicitly recognizing our roles as student educational advocates

1Dr Kyawt Kyawt KhaingProfessor (Head)
2Dr Phyu Phyu SheinProfessor
3Dr Khin Cho MyintAssociate Professor
4Dr Zaw Myo NaingAssociate Professor