Mission & Vision


Before the Meiktila University, it was established as Mandalay Regional College ( Meiktila) on 23 May 1977. But on 1 April 1980, it was renamed as Meiktila Regional College. On 30 November1981, it was uplifted to Meiktila College and its opening ceremony was held on 17 September 1996.Finally Meiktila College was upgraded to Meiktila University on 23 January 2001.


Meiktila University is located in Meiktila Township, Mandalay Region. The area of Meiktila University has 45.82 acres.


To be a high-class and research-based University, nurturing the qualified human resources and engaging with the stakeholders for the development of Community and Region


  •  To promote the quality of teaching and learning system by using    ICT,
  •  To nurture the qualified and efficient, moral and ethical academic staffs and students,
  •  To motivate the academic staffs and students to do more research,
  •  To encourage the applied research relevant with  needs of market and stakeholders,
  • To uplift the identity of the University to be a high-class university by providing and fulfilling the necessary facilities including infrastructure and high-speed internet wi-fi system, water, electricity, teaching aids, materials for Labs and library,
  •  To stimulate and encourage the Partnership Collaboration with Public and Private institutions